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International Women's Lifestyle Conference 

Conference Information

The International Women’s Lifestyle Conference is an all day virtual event to be hosted on Facebook by Women’s Lifestyle Coach Rukshana Triem.

Join our global sisterhood! 

2020 has been a challenging year, but we know we can do hard things! 

When other events have been canceled or put on hold, we are forging ahead. We sense now more than ever, there is a great need to gather women all over the world to nurture and support each other. On Saturday, November 14, 2020, discover a community where resilient and inspiring women lift one another up and build collective strength through stories of endless possibilities and hope. If you are feeling down and out, powerless, or just stuck, this is a place for you to find connection and worthiness by celebrating your most authentic self. 

EVent includes: 

  • Inspiring talks and breakout sessions from motivational speakers

  • Incredible performances with powerful songs, beats, and spoken word

  • Shop unique goods in the virtual international marketplace 

  • Dance challenge lesson 

  • Presentation by notable African activist, Josina Z Machel

  • African Fashion Show showcasing designs from our partners in Zambia

  • Support for the Firmina Foundation building schools in Africa

STEP 1: Buy your ticket(s) online. Breakout sessions are held simultaneously and sold individually. You must choose which breakout session you would like to attend in the morning at 10:30am PST and afternoon at 2:00pm PST and ads them to your cart.

STEP 2:  Get an email confirmation with a link inviting you to the private IWLC Facebook group.

STEP 3:  Use the link to ask to join the private IWLC Facebook group. Our admin will approve your request if you have paid for a ticket. 

STEP 4:  Save the Date 11.14.2020 and join us at 9am PST! Plan to spend the whole day, you won't want to miss out on all that is in store! We'll post all content on the Facebook group feed.

STEP 5:  If you have signed up for a breakout session, you will receive an email with the link right before your session giving you to access to the zoom meeting. Please download zoom, if you have not already:

STEP 6:  Follow us on Instagram @IWLC2020 and like our official conference Facebook page @IWLC2020 to stay up to date with announcements and chances to win prizes. 

STEP 7:  Share with the awesome women in your life and encourage them to attend with you! 

How it works...


CHANGE YOUR STORY: the 2020 International Woman’s Lifestyle Conference is an all day virtual event to be hosted on Facebook on Saturday, November 14, 2020 9am to 5pm by Women’s Lifestyle Coach Rukshana Hafez Triem. The conference will feature various motivational speakers, performances, zoom breakout sessions, and vendors in our international marketplace throughout the day and concludes with the fabulous African Fashion Show, highlighting designs from our partners in Africa, modeled by women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. 


After three years of producing women’s speaking events and retreats, we’ve seen the power of bringing together hundreds of women who are seeking personal growth and professional development! This conference fosters an intimate forum that introduces big ideas, encourages interactive discussion and builds lasting connections. Participants will be guided through setting aspirational visions, overcoming blocks, and taking the right steps to turn their dreams to reality. Inspirational and experienced speakers will share their insights in personal development with a focus on goal setting. The conference will feature an East African fashion show of clothing made by Tengua village women who are learning to be self sufficient through a partnership with a nearby Trade School. Also part of the event are health & beauty panels, music, shopping opportunities, live demonstrations, and a networking after-party. This event is a fundraiser for the Firmina Foundation and will directly support work in communities in Mozambique, Malawi, and Zambia. All proceeds will benefit the Firmina Foundation. 


The Firmina Foundation is inspired by the remarkable life of Rukshana Hafez Triem. In 1985, war forced Rukshana and her family to flee their home in Mozambique. Rukshana, her parents, and her three siblings hiked two weeks across the mountain to find refuge in Blantyre, Malawi. They resided in the small village for 5 years before moving to a refugee camp in Zambia. After several more years, they were granted asylum, and in 1992 they moved to the United States. Shana’s life has been oriented around community service here in Portland, Oregon and now she is turning to contribute to the three countries of her origin. In her words: “All these three countries give me hope and life, and now it’s time to go back and give others hope and dreams. Education is what I would love to give back to Mozambique, Malawi, and Zambia.” The Firmina Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of children living in the developing world. Its mission is to support children from the poorest communities, giving access to quality education so that they have an opportunity to learn and can work towards a brighter future. Read more about their philanthropic efforts on their website:


This event is a call to unite and empower women around the world in a time when we need it the most. Due to the state of current affairs, many women are experiencing a deep sense of despair and feel stuck in their circumstances. Our incredible line-up of inpsirational speakers and performers will bring messages of hope and resilience to conference attendees to uplift their spirits, give them tools and encouragement to transform their lives. See full conference program and purchase tickets on our website 


CHANGE YOUR STORY: 2020 International Women's Lifestyle Conference
CHANGE YOUR STORY: 2020 International Women's Lifestyle Conference
Nov 14, 2020, 9:00 AM PST
Private Facebook Group
"Change Your Story" Introducing the 1st Annual International Women's Lifestyle Conference to be held on virtually on Facebook.
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