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Women's Lifestyle Coaching

With Rukshana Triem

Why Rukshana

New Life. New You.

You're living life day to day dreaming of something better. You wished you had your high school body back. You work day in and day out to be able to make sure to provide for your family. You wonder what the future holds and are not sure you like what's coming. 

Luckily, you're not alone. You don't have to figure out what the best diet and exercise is for you. You don't have to figure out how to create a budget or how to make extra money. You can have the future your dreamed out! 

Are you ready for your best life? It's time to talk to Rukshana, the best life coach for female in portland Oregon!


Want to change your life in the quickest way possible? Sign up now to receive 1 on 1 female lifestyle coaching in portland Oregon. Change your health, finances, and dreams to live the life that you always wanted to live. 


Rukshana has the ability to connect with all women who are actively trying to change their lives. She is experienced and best consultant in trauma recovery, lifestyle design, and relationship building. 


Take some time to listen to interviews I have done on several podcast. Ready to become wealthy and self empowered? Sign up now for my Money Mindset Course. 


It's time to go on an adventure! Come join me at one of my many female lifestyle coaching events where I'll be working with several individuals to create the best version of their life possible. 

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