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International Women's Lifestyle Conference 

Afternoon Breakout Session with Brenda R. Bryan

Claim your Story -Change the World 

This break out session will start you on a journey to owning, claiming, and reframing your story.  You will learn how to claim your authentic voice and use your power to change the world. During this interactive workshop we will use a variety of exercise to identify and write out a story that changes your life and the importance of that story to building your community.

  1. Crusade of Curiosity – focusing on how to presence your thought and emotions. Learning to notice what your noticing  to become aware of the habitual things that keeps us caught in a cycle of stuckness.  

  2. Architect of Your Desire – tapping into what the heart wants. The power behind identifying your passion and how it provides a roadmap for change. 

  3. Quench Your Thirst – We all have longings and discontent. We also have the ability to choose to change. Let’s look at how the longings and discontent can be used as a guide to your claiming your story. 

  4. Get Your Mojo Working – take an action in the direction of what you want. Using the three previous steps we will align your action with the determination to - Do what you can, from where your at, with what you have. 


This 40 minute interactive session will go fast. You will walk away with a new perspective on how to go about rewriting and claiming your new story. Join Brenda for some fun and change. 

STEP 1: Buy your ticket(s) online. Breakout sessions are held simultaneously and sold individually. You must choose which breakout session you would like to attend in the morning at 10:30am PST and afternoon at 2:00pm PST and ads them to your cart.

STEP 2:  Get an email confirmation with a link inviting you to the private IWLC Facebook group.

STEP 3:  Use the link to ask to join the private IWLC Facebook group. Our admin will approve your request if you have paid for a ticket. 

STEP 4:  Save the Date 11.14.2020 and join us at 9am PST! Plan to spend the whole day, you won't want to miss out on all that is in store! We'll post all content on the Facebook group feed.

STEP 5:  If you have signed up for a breakout session, you will receive an email with the link right before your session giving you to access to the zoom meeting. Please download zoom, if you have not already:

STEP 6:  Follow us on Instagram @IWLC2020 and like our official conference Facebook page @IWLC2020 to stay up to date with announcements and chances to win prizes. 

STEP 7:  Share with the awesome women in your life and encourage them to attend with you! 

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